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Mirage Computer at a Glance

Mirage, a company founded in 1995, specializes in providing advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions tailored specifically for Salesforce. With a strong focus on enhancing communication and customer service capabilities, Mirage offers two flagship products designed to optimize Salesforce functionality:

  • CTI Data Connector for Salesforce: Mirage's CTI Data Connector seamlessly integrates in over 100 telephony systems with Salesforce, enabling efficient and streamlined communication processes. This powerful solution empowers Salesforce users to make and receive calls, access customer information, log call activities, and generate detailed reports directly within the Salesforce platform. By combining telephony and CRM functionalities, the CTI Data Connector enhances productivity, improves customer interactions, and maximizes the value of Salesforce investments.

  • Mirage Connector for Service Cloud Voice: Mirage's Mirage Connector extends the capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, a comprehensive customer service solution. By integrating telephony systems with Service Cloud Voice, this product empowers service agents to handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide personalized support with ease. With advanced features like call routing, call logging, and real-time customer information access, the Mirage Connector enhances service efficiency, boosts agent productivity, and delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Since its establishment, Mirage has been dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses utilize CTI within the Salesforce ecosystem. With their expertise and innovative products, Mirage enables organizations to leverage the power of seamless communication and superior customer service, driving growth and success in the digital age.

With a global reach, Mirage Computer's products have gained popularity in over 75 countries. These software solutions are available in multiple languages, making them accessible to a diverse user base. 

Mirage Computer Systems is part of Unaric

In November 2023, Mirage Computer Systems was acquired by Unaric Holdings Limited. Unaric is building the world’s largest suite of Salesforce applications. The business was founded by Salesforce veterans who built and grew ISV applications. They have an intimate knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and a deep understanding of what Salesforce customers want.

Unaric’s vision is to help Salesforce customers drive greater efficiency and maximize their return on investment on the platform.

Visit unaric.com to learn more


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