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Product Comparison / Feature Overview

3 Editions and 2 Suites

There are different editions to cover different requirements. While the Premium Edition covers all standard license and copy protection scenarios, the Premium Plus Edition adds additional features. The Multi-Platform Edition adds support for macOS.  The Suite is no longer available for version 8.

If you want to secure applications with direct source code integration, you would need Licence Protector .

 PremiumPremium Plus Multi-Plattform Suite Multi-Platform Suite
Files which can be protected     
Protect PDF files (Windows)
Protect PDF files (macOS)  
Protect PPT files
Protect Excel files  
Protect Word files  
Protect Video / Audio files
Protect Flash files
Protect EXE files (32/64bit)
Protect APP files   
Copy Protection     
Different hardware IDS
USB flash drive
Snapshot protection
Detect virtual machines  
Evaluation Options     
Evaluation version by days
Evaluation version by minutes
Evaluation version by number of file opens / application starts
Delivery Options     
USB flash drive
External Hard Disk  
Product Activation     
By E-Mail
By Fax
By Phone
Extended Features     
Player in several languages
License transfer to a new computer
Send Metric Data 
Customize screens  
Add markups / comments for PDF  
Modify protected files  
Regular online checks 
Network license 
Installation Manager 
Automated USB flash drive duplication   
Use custom Serial Numbers 
Activation Server     
Hosted Cloud Activation Server 
On-Premise Activation Server   



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