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Typically audio file recordings done by a phone system are simply stored on a file folder, but they are not linked to the actual phone call or contact person of the call. There would  be no information in the customer record if an audio recording was done.

At the same time, a long-term archiving of the audio files stored on simple file folders cannot be guaranteed. 

Audio Link and Archive Service offers a unique solution for audio file recordings which are generated by the phone system or Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams.

  • Backup of the audio file for long-term storage
  • Link the audio file to Salesforce records
  • Server-based application (on-premise)

Phone Systems

Audio Link and Archive Service works with any PBX or Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams. The only requirement is that the phone system can generate audio files stored on a

  • File folder
  • FTP server
  • Dropbox




Long-Term Archive

Audio Link and Archive Service comes with multiple options for a long-term archive. 

  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • FTP Server 
  • On-Premise or Cloud Server

Using own accounts (e.g. Amazon S3) or servers ensure that you own all your data.




Salesforce Integration

Using a smart search logic, the audio files are linked to Salesforce

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Phone call (activity)

In a related record a lot of detail information is stored like 

  • Call Type (inbound / outbound)
  • Caller ID / Called ID
  • Audio File Name
  • Link to audio file backup location

Depending on the permissions defined in Salesforce, the audio file can be played in the Browser.

It works with Salesforce Classic, Service Cloud and Lightning.



Subscription License

Audio Link and Archive Service is available as a subscription with pricing per user.

The subscription offers an all-round carefree package:

  • Audio Link and Archive Service license
  • All updates
  • Support via the Mirage Support Center



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